Friday, November 15, 2013

Smiles, frowns and "uh" is universal

My host mom babysits a little girl. Her name is Amelie. She speaks 0 English , but I always smile at her and she smiles back. I have learned that smiling is universal. (Except in cultures where it is a bad thing of course).
One day I forgot my schedule at home and went to the wrong class. A frown is universal too. And whether German or American frowns still make me feel oh so bad.
I tried to speak German. When I can't find a word to say, I stall with "uhhhhh". My host parents also do this. Everyone does this.

School is very different here. The schedule is more relaxed and the student seems to like school a lot. I find it exceptionally awesome that German students are bilingual in fifth grade. I will post pictures later of the beautiful city and school. My week in a nutshell

Monday: arrive, met my host family, came "home", got unpacked, ate, went to sleep
Tuesday: school, lunch which was awesome, home
Wednesday: met the mayor
Thursday: school, Lunen for Megan's birthday dinner
Friday: my favorite class of fifth grade students. All of them spoke to me. The older students just stare.

This experience in student teaching is awesome.
Tomorrow I will go to Amsterdam with my host family.

I am excited :)
I do t want it to rain :(
And uhhhhhhhh
Guten tag

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