Thursday, November 21, 2013

I came to teach, but I am learning so much more

 SAturday I went to Amsterdam. It was a beautiful city, but it was also very dirty. There was trash everywhere. I had a famous pancake. It was delicious. So, that was the weekend, but I was more excited about the upcoming week. I am going to an elementary school called "Wiehagenschule".
The week at the elementary school had been fantastic. The students are so eager to learn another language. I have 4 lessons a day. I get there at 10:25 and leave at 1:25. The teachers are so nice and helpful. I can't wait to be an elementary school teacher. The language barrier is hard, and sometimes the students get frustrated. I think it is amazing that I am a 21 year old woman and I can't fluently speak another language, but a fourth grader in Germany can.
I think because of this simple fact, our American Students are being slighted. Think about how much they would love school if they only had to go 6 hours a day with three breaks.
Another thing, there is no teacher burn out. The teachers have breaks too. During the breaks they can sit and drink coffee, but they can also copy papers, clean the room, or anything else. The students can LEAVE FOR LUNCH. But get this, THEY COME BACK!!!
The students see learning as their responsibility. They actively seek to learn. Amazing stuff here.

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