Sunday, October 27, 2013

Through the World

I really don't have time to blog. Student teaching is a lot tougher than people made it out to be.
In two weeks I leave for Germany. I am excited about student teaching abroad. I really love to travel. Or I did when I was in high school. It is very hard to think that the last time I was out of the country was almost 4 years ago. That is too long. I leave from Nashville, which is a long drive. I arrive in Germany Monday. I am very excited.

I haven't "blogged" since the decline of myspace. I am super rusty. Hopefully my posts get better and are not as painful to read.

I will say I went to a Matt Papa concert on Thursday night. He made a quote that has definitely impacted my life. His quote was a spin off of one made by Jonathan Edwards. It goes something like, "We are to look through the world and see Christ, not at the world because when we do we get stuck worshipping things that will betray us and let us down. Every morning when we wake up we are going to worship something, but we must choose to aim our worship to the only One who will not leave us broken hearted."

While I am excited and honored to be receiving the opportunity to travel abroad and represent my Alma Mater, I will look through the captivating architecture, the charming village squares, the expensive shopping excursions, the nice cars, the boats, bettering myself at the fall of others, and whatever else will eventually fade. I will focus on the things that will last: My Lord's love for the people of Germany, His beautiful creations, the sky, the trees, the fact that I wake everyday and have the chance to produce breath that honors. I will see my chance to impact and teach students, so they can become more literate in english. After hearing that quote, I realize that my trip to Germany has more value and purpose than just traveling Europe. I am to love. I am to give. I am to serve. I am to teach. I am to go. Ultimately because He is love. He gave. He served. He taught, and he went.